Zehra Jamal
Zehra Jamal STUDENT

“This platform has made knowledge accessible to everyone.”

Zahra Merali
Zahra Merali STUDENT

“I enjoyed the growth and progress that I personally achieved by the end of the term.”

Munajhassan Mohamedraza Merali
Munajhassan Mohamedraza Merali STUDENT

“The research done by the teacher was amazing. provided with amazing sources to learn and read from. short lectures. Slideshow presentations gave us the short notes we needed. Amazing, waiting for the next semester to start soon.”

Anzal Alamdar Syed
Anzal Alamdar Syed STUDENT

“Alhamdulillah a Phenomenal experience thus far.”

Tashi Zaidi
Tashi Zaidi STUDENT

“I loved the content of the course. It was very comprehensive and the structured. The teachers are excellent. They have such command over the subjects and presented the content in a very interesting and easy to understand manner. May Allah Bless the team.”

Rumina Hashmani
Rumina Hashmani STUDENT

“I absolutely loved the content and the way the lectures were released in small doses and how the calendar and online portal was set up for what was to come.”

Murtaza Sikandar Mohamed
Murtaza Sikandar Mohamed STUDENT

“I would like to sincerely express my appreciation for the Hawza Online facility as well as the Hawza’s Team and Management that actually manages the online Hawza very professionally. Their constant reminders of events and prompt replies makes it more amazing. As for our respected scholars, I enjoyed every minute of their marvellous lectures as well as the tutorials. All in all, it has been a very beneficial journey for me in all aspects, looking forward excitingly for the next semester.”

Shahina Ahmednasirwala
Shahina Ahmednasirwala STUDENT

“Extremely Professional Shaykhs and Admins! Very detailed and insightful content. The Shaykhs are very knowledgeable, humble, supportive and interactive. The Admins were very professional and courteous too and especially very Prompt in responding to the online discussion forums. Especially the flexibility of the Study time is Perfect for Working Professionals and Parents who have to manage time between study and work/family. The courses are always available before hand which gives us plenty amount of time to refer to the Videos and PDF’s at our convenience and pace. Also the Live Lectures with the Shaykhs proved very beneficial for resolving our queries. I’m glad that Hawza Online is the Start to my Islamic Journey and by far the Best Islamic Journey I’ve been on!

Hussein Juma
Hussein Juma STUDENT

“From the content of the subjects, explanation of the teachers, the computer interface where you have flexibility to study at your own pace and finally the live meetings with the teachers together with fellow students, it was an amazing experience. After having a first-hand experience of the course, I highly recommend it to anyone who has been waiting like me. I have also tried to make others aware of this amazing course.”

Sibtain Moledina
Sibtain Moledina STUDENT

“It has been an inspiring and eye-opening experience. Helps me connect to my religion more Alhamdulillah”

Bazgha Syed
Bazgha Syed STUDENT

“The modules I took were quite informative for me and although I am a well-qualified person but honestly speaking it was the first time in life that I actually felt that I have gained something meaningful. I hope to continue these studies with all my heart. It was an enriching experience which taught me a lot I didn’t know and really needed to know.”

Mohamedhassan Hassanali
Mohamedhassan Hassanali STUDENT

“The modules are very professionally put together and easy to follow. This is a fantastic program and I’m honestly surprised how little you charged for it.”

Zeeshan Langah
Zeeshan Langah STUDENT

“You are an excellent team with a great mission and vision.”

Nasima Habib
Nasima Habib STUDENT

“My overall experience so far has been amazing, being able to learn from the comfort of your home. It has helped me grow spiritually and given me a better insight into each module that we have learned so far. The teachers and admin staff have been friendly, helpful, and highly supportive. Alhamdulillah all classes are well set up and going well.”

Hussein Khimji
Hussein Khimji STUDENT

“Amazing classes and super interactive. Shaykh provides a wonderful and animated teaching style and students get to engage with each other actively providing for an interesting learning platform.”

Kehkeshan Gulamali
Kehkeshan Gulamali STUDENT

“I have not only learned so much – but thoroughly enjoyed the teaching. I will certainly be recommending this course to all.”

Iram Ali

“Alhamd really enjoyed the first week. Alhamd classes are very good, very enjoyable with the teacher.”

Hussein Dhirani
Hussein Dhirani STUDENT

“Thank you for all the work that is being done by the team to make Hawza Online possible. I have done a short class with another institute but I feel this is by far the best organized and well structured. The modules have been excellent in all aspects. In terms of content, structure, and lecturer it has been a surreal experience.”

Zahra Ismail
Zahra Ismail STUDENT

“An excellent platform that is easy to use and straightforward. The lessons are well organized and lectures are released in a timely manner.”

Jaffar Ali
Jaffar Ali STUDENT

“I had been hoping, praying, and looking for an online Hawza program for a few months before I heard about this program. The academic and administrative aspects of this program have pleasantly surprised me as it is in many cases on par with a conventional university.”

Mujtaba Moosavi
Mujtaba Moosavi STUDENT

“Arabic was really inspiring and the additional grammatical points our teacher raised were also of benefit as I immediately was able to apply them when reciting du’as and ayaat of the Qur’an. His method was very flexible and if he noticed a weakness in one area of the class, he would quickly adjust and shift focus so we could address it. The Sheikh is very pleasant in general, very humble.”

Mubina Virjee
Mubina Virjee STUDENT

“Our teacher has a unique style of teaching Arabic, and one that I found extremely effective. I really enjoyed the Arabic classes.”

Muhammad-Jawad al-Zakiy
Muhammad-Jawad al-Zakiy STUDENT

“Very enjoyable, have loved the academic approach and detailed analysis and research presented. I am very grateful to be able to attend the course. I have found the course comparable to a university approach. All the teachers are great and I am grateful to have been able to benefit from them.”

Chris Hewer
Chris Hewer STUDENT

“It was a privilege to be part of this programme. Not only do I have now a much clearer and more developed understanding of the Shi’a positions but I also appreciated our lecturer’s ability to make things clear with which I had struggled in the past, e.g. getting to grips with Ibn Arabi and distinguishing the finer points between Asharite and Mutazilite theology. One cannot overestimate the complexity of the task that he tackled and achieved.”

Zeinab Houssenaly
Zeinab Houssenaly STUDENT

“Amazing! Teachers really deep dive into the subjects and I love how it’s all accessible in one click!”

Naseerah Ballim
Naseerah Ballim STUDENT

“Truly a unique Islamic learning experience, the course content was simple yet insightful and has helped me to gain a better understanding of my religion. Arabic lessons were taught in an effective and enjoyable manner. I hope to continue with the Hawza studies over the next few years Insha Allah.”

Zamena Momin
Zamena Momin STUDENT

“The courses packed a great deal of valuable information in short videos. I have learned a lot and appreciate all the effort of the teachers and admin.”

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